Why Financial Spectrum?

Choosing a financial planner is an important decision. At Financial Spectrum we understand that you need to feel confident about the advice you are receiving, and secure about your future.

We have an unwavering commitment to making a meaningful impact in our clients’ lives. Our boutique size means that we take the time to build a personal relationship with you. We start by getting to know you – your broader career, lifestyle, family and retirement aspirations – so that we can help you to craft your financial and lifestyle objectives.

Once we understand your objectives and aspirations we will partner with you through the planning process, using our disciplined systems and rigorous analysis to build a strategy that suits your individual needs.

But what is it specifically that makes Financial Spectrum stand out?

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Objective advice

At Financial Spectrum we are an independently owned financial planning practice. We are a fee for service practice and we don’t accept commissions. That means we are not obliged to sell specific products and our team is empowered to provide objective recommendations across the full suite of investment options. It also means that we will take the time to assist you with tactics and advice far beyond simply recommending investments – like helping you with debt reduction, paying less tax and budgeting.


A strategy that delivers

We take the time to get to know you. We’re interested in far more than simply helping you plan for retirement. We want to understand you and your family today, and your vision for your family over the coming years. We are passionate about building a comprehensive understanding of your career, your lifestyle, your plans for family, and your future. By helping you develop a set of financial objectives that address your aspirations for the future, we can begin to partner with you on your financial journey.


A team to support you

We use your objectives as the basis for building a comprehensive and tailored financial plan. We offer you access to a suite of disciplined and rigorous planning tools, and develop a clear implementation process for executing your strategy. We then provide extensive support helping you roll out your plan. We assist in contacting your banks, collecting your tax paperwork and generally conducting all the legwork required throughout the journey. Via our deep financial planning expertise, we enable our clients to feel in control and confident about your financial situation. We partner with you for the long term, and once your initial plan has been developed we provide continued expert guidance and support to help you achieve your goals.


Qualified expertise, integrity and discipline

The Financial Spectrum team is committed to transparency and integrity. We are all fully qualified professionals and we are driven by our belief that honesty and genuine client care underpins everything we say and do. We’re focused on helping you understand your financial direction and achieve your financial goals – above all else. Research is at the core of every financial plan we develop, and our team consistently participates in training and professional development to ensure we are able to provide you with the most up to date financial advice at all times.

About Us

At Financial Spectrum we are an independently owned, fee for service financial planning practice. We work with all our clients to develop tailored financial strategies based on a deep understanding of your individual needs and underpinned by our expertise and disciplined processes.

We have offices in Sydney’s CBD, Bondi and Balmain, and over 13 years of experience delivering objective advice to our clients.

Our team of professional advisers specialise in:

Proudly independently-owned

At Financial Spectrum we are independently owned and don’t accept commission. This means we are not obliged to sell specific products and enables us to offer objective recommendations and unbiased advice.  This ensures our clients can access a full suite of investment opportunities.

We hold an Australian Financial Services Licence (AFSL 334400).

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A transparent, fee for service model

Financial Spectrum operates as a transparent, fee for service financial planning practice. That means our clients pay us for the time and advice we provide, and we don’t receive commissions. Our fee for service model is essential for protecting our clients from potential conflicts of interest, and gives our clients confidence that we are focused on helping them achieve their financial goals above all else.  Because we’re paid by our clients, it means we work only for our clients.

A researched, holistic approach

At Financial Spectrum, we believe in taking a holistic view of understanding our clients’ lives. We provide financial solutions that are future-focused and tailored to our clients’ needs. We draw on our extensive financial strategy expertise and know-how to enable our clients to, firstly, identify their financial objectives, and then plan for and fulfill their goals.

We offer disciplined and rigorous tools and a clear implementation process. Through our deep financial planning expertise, we enable our clients to feel in control and confident about their financial situation.

We are also committed to providing continued expert guidance and support once the initial financial plan has been developed; and we value nurturing long term partnerships with all of our clients.

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Meet the team

Brenton Tong

Managing Director

Brenton oversees the running of the business and the delivery of exceptional service and independent advice to clients. Brenton is well known for his strategic expertise and believes that with the right advice, planning and effort, it's possible to create the life you desire.

Brenton joined the financial services industry in 1999 as a financial planner for a national, privately owned financial services business. He later set up his first financial planning business, becoming a leader by offering strategy-based advice. Over time, Brenton merged his firm into what is today Financial Spectrum.

It’s Brenton’s passion to help people take control of their lives, ensure they make the best possible decisions and create the life they desire. He works intimately with his clients to ensure that they have a thorough understanding of the decisions they are making and the long-term outcomes that they can expect. With his extensive investment experience, Brenton ensures that there is a plan in place to mitigate as much risk as possible from financial decisions and give clients confidence in their financial future.

Brenton is the Financial Planning contributor for Yahoo!7 Finance and a regular author in financial magazines, including Money Management, Think Big Magazine and Wealth Creator. He is frequently quoted in Sydney Morning Herald, Business Review Weekly, The Age and Australian Financial Review. Brenton is also one of the contributors to David Koch's Money Makeover, has been a contributing author and presenter for Kaplan Professional (Australia's largest financial services education provider), and has co-authored the book Secrets of Male Entrepreneurs Exposed.

Brenton holds a Bachelor of Commerce with a major in Accounting and Law, as well as an Advanced Diploma of Financial Planning. He is currently completing his Masters of Business Administration and is enrolled in the Fellow Chartered Financial Practitioner programme. Brenton is a Senior Associate Member of FINSIA and a Practitioner Member of the Association of Financial Advisers. Additionally, Brenton is an accredited trainer for financial planners and writes part of the Continuing Professional Development syllabus for Kaplan.

Outside of the business, Brenton enjoys spending time with his partner and two children, travelling, sailing, flying and is working on his second book. Brenton also allocates a percentage of his time to charity work and financial counselling for those in need.

Our Commitment

At Financial Spectrum, we view integrity as being broader than simply the service we deliver to our clients each and every day. We strive to be valuable contributors to our community and drive positive change by reducing our environmental impact.
In the Community

In the Community

At Financial Spectrum we aspire to get involved in our local and international community via a program of donations and volunteering. We encourage our staff to adopt these values via two days of paid volunteer days each year to enable them to volunteer their time and get involved.

Some examples of our commitment include:

Starlight Foundation


Every year, the team at Financial Spectrum close up the office and head out to help Make A Wish Australia with their Special Children’s Christmas Party. For more than the past 20 years, up to 5,000 deserving young children with either life threatening illnesses, physical and intellectual impairment, domestic violence or underprivileged circumstances are invited to this very special day. They experience a full day of fun, Santa, toys, carnival rides and activities and fantastic treats. There is only one aim for the day, and that is to put the biggest possible smiles on the faces of the children and their carers.

Unicorn Foundation


Financial Spectrum is a passionate supporter of the Unicorn Foundation, the only Australian not-for-profit medical charity focused on neuroendocrine tumors (NET). The foundation works with medical groups and directs funds towards Australian researchers and institutions who are working towards a cure and treatment programs for this rare form of cancer. Building awareness is always a battle and one which the Unicorn Foundation is slowly winning. Through its efforts, we have seen the medical landscape slowly change with knowledge of neuroendocrine tumours slowly building and effective and viable treatments becoming available.

The Salvation Army


Financial Spectrum, in all practices and advice fosters a culture of effectiveness and efficiency. At regular gift giving time, rather than waste funds on corporate gifts that will go either unnoticed or unappreciated, Financial Spectrum regularly gives those funds to those that are more deserving and will truly benefit. The Salvation Army has services across a wide range of the community designed to support many aspects of a person’s life, at all stages of life from Aged Care right down to Children’s Services. Financial Spectrum has been a proud supporter for many years and expects to see the support given grow as the years progress.

Thika Child Rescue Centre

Thika, Kenya

The Thika Child Rescue Centre is the provider of shelter and essential services for children who have been orphaned, abused, abandoned or whose parents are unable to provide them with basic care. The centre cares for boys aged 4 to 18 years and enables them to receive an education and work training in a supportive, safe and caring environment. Two staff members from Financial Spectrum spent two weeks onsite at the centre, living and working with the children. Financial Spectrum is proud to provide ongoing assistance to the Centre.

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Living Sustainably

Living Sustainably

We understand the impact our business has on the environment and that’s why we’re committed to actively managing and reducing impacts of our environmental footprint. Our solutions for improving our environment include:

Carbon offsets

Financial Spectrum seeks to offset its carbon footprint by purchasing carbon offsets accredited under the National Carbon Offset Standard (NCOS). The NCOS Carbon Neutral Program is a voluntary scheme which certifies our business operations as carbon neutral against the Australian Government's National Carbon Offset Standard (NCOS). This standard provides integrity through its guidance on genuine voluntary offsets and its minimum requirements for calculating, auditing and offsetting a carbon footprint to achieve carbon neutrality.

Reduce, reuse, recycle

We aim to create an energy efficient work culture in our business, our company policies encourage minimal use of all resources. Electrical equipment is turned off after hours and when not in use. Where possible we rely on natural light in our meeting rooms. We are conscious of the amount of paper used within our business, we seek to avoid using materials unnecessarily, reduce waste, reuse where possible and we are advocates of recycling.

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