Free Financial Planning eBooks

Our expert team of financial planners has created a series of free eBooks that cover a range of financial topics including investing, tax, transition to retirement, superannuation and more. Our eBooks are aimed at helping Australians stay informed on financial advice and planning; and better understand the basics of financial planning issues.

Divorce & Separation Financial Planning

Going through a divorce, separation and de facto relationship breakdown can be very stressful emotionally as well as financially. There is a lot to consider: property settlements, splitting your assets (and debts), and the inevitable task of rebuilding your finances. 

Financial Planning for Inheritance and Windfalls

Our team of financial advisers at Financial Spectrum have written this free Ebook 'Financial Planning for Inheritance and Windfalls' to help Australians who have received an inheritance or won a windfall (such as won lotto) to know how to best manage their finances through appropriate short and long term investing as well as explains the tax implications of inheritance and capital gains tax (CGT). 

Property in Superannuation

Our team of financial advisers at Financial Spectrum have written this free Ebook 'Property in Super' to help give you an introduction to this strategy designed to help grow your savings for retirement through property investing. 

Free Calculators

The information contained in this calculator tools has been prepared based upon sources considered reliable. The information should be read as a guide only as it does not take into account all of your personal circumstances. No responsibility is accepted because reliance upon this information for the reasons previously mentioned and because actual future investment and market returns will vary. None of your private information is captured or retained by Financial Spectrum via the use of these tools. For full details of the Financial Spectrum Privacy Statement click here.


November 29, 2016

4 important considerations when buying an investment property

Some important things to consider when buying an investment property to minimise your risk and increase your chances of a good return. 
November 29, 2016

What you should know when buying a property through super

Buying an investment property with your super is becoming a popular investment strategy. It's similar to buying a property in your own name, but there are a few extra things that you need to know. 
November 3, 2016

Australian economic snapshot November 2016

Get quickly up to speed on the state of the economy with the Australian economic snapshot, released by the the Reserve Bank of Australia November 2016. 

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