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I can already see why you and your colleagues at Financial Spectrum have the customer reviews you do, and I imagine it only gets more impressive from here on out.
Heidi, Sydney
We needed direction, including making decisions about investing in Australia or Ireland, where we’re from. Financial Spectrum has the experience to help us to decide on the right thing to do. And we were able to pay for the advice from our superannuation, which made a massive difference.
Brid, Sydney
We were cruising and wanted help to take charge and make some big financial decisions. Financial Spectrum took care of the boring parts to get it down to the key decisions to make. And we knew their recommendations were impartial, which was really good.
Jessica, Sydney
Financial Spectrum never tried to sell me something. They asked me the right questions; they listened; and they’ve educated me. Now they’re where I send my friends and colleagues who need financial advice they can trust.
Emma, Sydney
We were referred to a financial planner at Financial Spectrum by a friend of ours. We are so glad that we contacted them. We can honestly say that booking that first appointment was a turning point in our lives.
Patrick and Louise, Sydney
I was referred to Financial Spectrum by my long term accountant. We knew that we needed to get strategic help and to put some structure to our finances. Financial Spectrum collaborated with us to develop well-defined goals and a financial strategy to match. The Financial Spectrum team is extremely knowledgeable,...
Richard, Sydney

Financial planning for your life

There are two principal ingredients to a financial plan that sets you up with a clear path to success.

The first is money (although you don’t need money to start a financial plan).

The second ingredient is just as important. It’s you.

Planning to be financially independent with a financial adviser who doesn’t understand your relationship with money is like trying to lose weight with a trainer who doesn’t understand your relationship with wine and the Good Food Guide.

We provide financial advice that’s tailored to your needs and what you want out of life.  We’ll take the time to understand where you want to go and give you the options to get there.

Who we are

Financial Spectrum is a privately-owned, fee-for-service financial planning practice with offices in Sydney CBD, Balmain and Bondi Junction.

You don’t need to be in Sydney to use our financial planning services, or even step into our offices. We help clients all over Australia and can offer meetings via Zoom if you live outside of Sydney, or it simply makes life easier.

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We're award winning financial planners and advisors

What sets us apart

We look out for your bottom line, not our own

When it comes to you, we’re always asking ourselves one question — will this decision advance your financial future?

We’re privately owned, so we’re not answerable to outside stakeholders who might try to put profit ahead of clients. We have no investment product sales quotas to meet. No boss forcing us to push products on you. Our only boss is your bottom line.  

We charge a flat fee for our expertise and completely reject commissions — a feature which sets us apart in the financial planning industry.

We provide solutions — not products — to give you a financial edge.  That’s what makes us the financial planner Sydney residents trust with their life’s savings.

You can, too.

Research-driven financial strategies,
custom-designed for you

We’re a different kind of financial planner. We make financial planning personal.

We don’t take a cookie-cutter approach to financial planning for you. And it’s certainly not geared around selling you investments that will kick back to us — we completely reject the commissions that are widespread throughout the industry.

Rather, our process involves digging into your current financial situation, goals and dreams for your future. Then we create a custom-designed roadmap to get you there.

More than financial planners – we’re life planners

We take your trust seriously — we want to help you live your best life, and there’s a lot more to that than simply encouraging a trendy investment portfolio.

Rather, we’ve become recognised as a financial advisor Sydney residents can trust by providing holistic strategies which help you to become financially independent and also enhance your quality of life.

Financial advice and planning covers a broad range of issues. Do you need to develop a strategy for better day-to-day saving? Do you need to work out a way to give your children a private education? Or do you need a more sophisticated investment strategy to guarantee a better future for you and your family?

We’re a leader in the financial advice industry with years of experience behind us. Come sit down for a chat and see what we can offer you.

Complimentary financial strategy session

Come sit down for a chat with one or our financial advisors to see how we can help you with a complimentary, no obligation financial strategy session. It will give you the opportunity to see what we offer, and you’ll get some useful tips to make the most of your money along the way.

Financial planning resources

Financial advice goes way beyond just placing your funds into an investment account. Our team of financial planning and accounting experts have created a series of resources that empower you to take better charge of your financial life. Whether you want to get on the property ladder, to prepare for a baby, or pay less tax, there is something for everyone.


Calculators that help you crunch the numbers, whether you need to know where you are on your financial journey or how you’re doing on your budget.


Blog posts and e-books that cover everything from the latest money hacks, to how to set your children up for financial success, through to how to manage arguments about money, one of the leading causes of divorce.


Videos that teach you about savvy investing and what kinds of insurance you need to protect you and your family.

Frequently asked questions

Financial Spectrum financial planners help you make smart decisions with your money so that you can get all you want out of life. We do this through a strategic financial modelling process, focussed on understanding you, what you want in the future and modelling different strategies to get you there.


Our financial advice is so much more than just investing and covers a broad range of issues. Would you like a strategy to buy your first property? Would you like to work out a way to give your children a private education? Or do you need a more sophisticated investment strategy to guarantee a better future for you and your family?

Financial advisors can give you an “edge” on your future.  By working with a financial advisor you may be able to achieve more than you ever thought possible or reach your goals faster.  Financial advisers are likely to know ways to get you to where you want to be that you may not have considered or even know about.  They also help you take control of your money and give you confidence in your future.

It’s a common misconception that you need to be wealthy to see a financial adviser.  Most of our clients have never seen a financial adviser before deciding to work with us.  Many come to us for help with a strategy for better day-to-day saving, buying their first home or starting a family.

You’re never too young or old to receive quality financial advice.  Whether you want to buy your first home, expand your family, start a business, fund children’s education or retire sooner, our financial advisers help people at all stages of their lives.

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