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Because our focus is solely on our clients, not a product catalogue, our advice ranges from shares and property to banking the most frequent-flyer miles. We’re able to advise on whatever it is — from the macro to the micro — that will get you to the future you want.

What’s different about our financial planners

You’ll find two things different about us:

  1. the questions we ask, and
  2. the energy we put into listening to your answers

Money is like food and wine. It’s not always about how much you need or how much you have: it’s about how you feel about it. We know how to uncover your relationship to money.

That’s how we can write a financial plan that you’ll do more than stick to — you’ll enjoy implementing it.

I can already see why you and your colleagues at Financial Spectrum have the customer reviews you do, and I imagine it only gets more impressive from here on out.
Heidi, Sydney
We needed direction, including making decisions about investing in Australia or Ireland, where we’re from. Financial Spectrum has the experience to help us to decide on the right thing to do. And we were able to pay for the advice from our superannuation, which made a massive difference.
Brid, Sydney
We were cruising and wanted help to take charge and make some big financial decisions. Financial Spectrum took care of the boring parts to get it down to the key decisions to make. And we knew their recommendations were impartial, which was really good.
Jessica, Sydney
Financial Spectrum never tried to sell me something. They asked me the right questions; they listened; and they’ve educated me. Now they’re where I send my friends and colleagues who need financial advice they can trust.
Emma, Sydney
We were referred to a financial planner at Financial Spectrum by a friend of ours. We are so glad that we contacted them. We can honestly say that booking that first appointment was a turning point in our lives.
Patrick and Louise, Sydney
I was referred to Financial Spectrum by my long term accountant. We knew that we needed to get strategic help and to put some structure to our finances. Financial Spectrum collaborated with us to develop well-defined goals and a financial strategy to match. The Financial Spectrum team is extremely knowledgeable,...
Richard, Sydney

You don’t have to handle the detail

We’ll do the research to discover the best choices for you. Then we’ll guide you through the options. You’ll make the decisions but we do the work.

We’ll talk to your super fund, insurers, other advisers and to anyone necessary to make things happen. That’s what we’re here for.

We even have in-house accountants so you don’t need to go back and forth between multiple advisers.

And when it comes to keeping you on track, we can check in to hold you accountable, like a human Fitbit for your finances.

Our expertise

At Financial Spectrum we are a privately owned, fee for service financial planning and accounting practice.

We work with you to develop tailored financial strategies to help you reach your goals and lifestyle aspirations.

We have offices in Sydney’s CBD, Bondi and Balmain, are members of the Association of Independently Owned Financial Professionals and are Certified Financial Strategists.

Certified Financial Strategist

We’re proud to hold Certified Financial Strategist accreditation, giving you the peace of mind that we are acting in your best interests with reliable information and advice in a cost-effective and conflict-free manner.

Independently Owned Financial Professionals

We’re a member of the Association of Independently Owned Financial Professionals, giving you the assurance that we make the best decisions for your situation without the conflicting influence of institutional ownership.

Association of Financial Advisers

We’re a member of Australia’s leading financial advice association, the Association of Financial Advisers (AFA). It is the longest-standing association representing financial advisers and their clients in Australia.

Meet our team

Community Support

Not everyone in our community has the same access to quality financial advice.

At Financial Spectrum we believe it’s important to support those who are less fortunate.

We donate money and employee time to two charities close to our hearts.

Financial Wellbeing

Centre for Financial Wellbeing is focused on improving the financial resilience, health and wellbeing of those who are vulnerable to financial stress.

The Smith Family

The Smith Family supports disadvantaged Australian children to participate fully in their education, giving them the best chance at breaking the cycle of disadvantage.

Talk to us, guaranteed value

We’re so confident about creating value for you quickly, that we guarantee it with a 100% money-back guarantee.

Book a complimentary financial strategy session.