Adam and Cara’s path to financial security

Adam and Cara, a couple with limited financial knowledge, shared a common goal of securing their future for their young family. Despite their limited knowledge, they were determined to get control over their money and create a roadmap for their long-term financial goals.

We have achieved more than we ever thought possible, and our business is booming. Our once-modest start-up is poised to generate $5 million this year, with plans to double turnover and expand into the US market by 2024. With the support of Financial Spectrum, we’ve transformed our financial future beyond our wildest dreams.

Adam and Cara

How Financial Spectrum helped

We introduced our FLOW Money Management system, enabling Adam and Cara to refine their budget and enhance cashflow management, setting the foundation for their financial transformation. With a deeper understanding of their finances, they increased mortgage repayments and super contributions, enabling them to upgrade to a larger family home and solidify their path to financial stability.

We set up a self-managed super fund (SMSF) to give them greater control over their assets. They invested in a property through their super that was sourced through our property division and financed by our brokers. We implemented insurance to protect their family, set up a family trust and developed a comprehensive estate plan.

Results we achieved

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