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5 minutes with Financial Spectrum Financial Advisor, Greg Suefong

Financial Spectrum Financial Advisor, Greg Suefong, shares his top financial advice, past investing mistakes and what gets him out of bed and fired up in the morning!

In this interview, Financial Spectrum Financial Advisor, Greg Suefong, shares his top financial advice, past investing mistakes and what gets him out of bed and fired up in the morning!

What gets you fired up and out of bed in the morning?

The relationships I have in my life, including my family, friends, colleagues, and of course, my clients. I find my inspiration comes from being present with those I care about. The other day I was at the park with my daughter and she said to me, “This is the best day ever dad!”. Hearing that was enough to fire me up or an entire year! Helping my clients achieve their goals and have a great life has always been a huge energy maker for me too.

When are you happiest?

When all my daily activities and connections are in flow. Quite simply, this could include having engaging conversations with my family, helping my clients find solutions to their financial challenges and hitting my 10,000 steps!

Can you describe your typical day as a financial planner?

I spend most of the day meeting with clients, listening to their needs and coaching them to achieve their goals. I then work with my team to develop the strategies that will solve my clients’ financial challenges and help them to create the lifestyle they desire.

What is the most rewarding outcome you have achieved for a client?

So many come to mind, all important on an individual level. Each of my clients’ goals are personal to them and meaningful in ways that you and I can’t see or understand. Helping my clients reach them faster and safer is incredibly rewarding. Recently, I helped a couple buy their dream home within six months, when they thought it would take five years. I put a strategy in place to provide a very comfortable retirement too which has given them peace of mind and confidence in their future.

What is the key piece of financial advice you would give your friends and family?

When it comes to saving money, always have a goal or a purpose to focus on. Once you have identified the importance of what it is you really want, taking action and seeing it through to the end naturally becomes part of your daily habits.

Have you ever made an investing mistake?

When I was younger I’d invest in all sorts of things from small business, to shares and funds. The biggest mistake I made was not doing enough due diligence to understand the risks I was taking. The key lessons I’ve learned have helped me a build a solid foundation for the future.

What makes a good financial adviser?

Someone who is a good listener, can empathise with clients’ situations and can translate this to strategic financial outcomes. Of course, technical expertise is essential to devise the best outcomes for clients. If my clients are not materially better off by hiring me then I’m not doing my job properly.

What does being an ethical financial adviser mean to you?

Providing ethical financial advice is always asking yourself, “Will this decision advance my client’s financial future as effectively as possible?”. This means providing the most appropriate advice for clients’ individual circumstances. It’s about providing solutions, rather than products, to give clients a financial edge.

Why did you decide to become a financial adviser?

I left university with an accounting degree and trained to become a financial analyst. I lasted about two years before I fell into an advisory role through a friend. Once I understood the impact I could make on people’s lives I was addicted to financial planning. Over the years I been lucky enough to develop more of consultative role with clients and I’ve never looked back since.

What is your next major goal?

If you’re referring to professional goals, I’d like to grow the business two fold and put structures in place to spend even more time with clients. My fitness would be next on the list as I’ve dropped the ball on that one!

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