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6 hacks that boost your health and bank balance at the same time

Is it possible to hack your both physical health and the health of your bank account at the same time? Read on to find out.

In a world where efficiency reigns supreme, it’s no wonder we’re all obsessed with hacks. Just ask Todd Sampson. So what happens when you combine improved health with improved finances? #winning, that’s what. Here, we break down six easy, actionable steps you can start today to improve your life.

1. Butt out

Does anyone even smoke anymore? If you’re still on that bandwagon it’s time to kick those butts for good. Not only are they harming your heart and lungs (and everything else!) but they’re also doing serious damage to your bank balance. Seriously, if you spend $35 a day on a pack of ciggies, that’s $12,000 a year you could be saving.

2. Explore sobriety

‘Sober curious’ is a buzzword among the wellness warriors these days and for good reason, with studies continually showing the effects of binge drinking and over-consumption of alcohol on your body. But there’s another bonus to ditching the boozy nights, your bank balance! Think about all the money you’ll save by sipping water instead of vodka, not to mention the late night meals you end up spending big on too.

3. Host a ‘Love In’

Rather than go out to dinner with your friends, why not invite them over to your house instead? But instead of a costly dinner party, host a ‘love in’ where everyone brings a dish and instead of drinking alcohol, you sip tea, share stories and explore your feelings. Your emotions and bank balance will love you for it.

4. Cook smarter

Planning out your weekly meals and creating a shopping list not only keeps your nutrition on track, but your spending as well. Carve out time each week to plan your meals in advance before hitting the farmer’s market and supermarket armed with a list of specific items you need to prevent unnecessary purchases. Think about the fruits and vegetables that are in season, as these are always the most affordable, and consider buying non-perishables like nuts, seeds, legumes and grains in bulk.

5. Have walking dates

If your week is filled with coffee dates with friends, colleagues and potential partners, it might be time to switch it up a bit. Ask to meet for a walk or swim at the beach so you can keep fit and save cash, and if it’s really working for you, you could cancel your gym membership and save around $800 a year.

6. Rethink your drink

We’re just as committed to our morning coffee than you are, but here’s the deal: buying a coffee every day costs you on average, $1,800 a year. Choosing to invest the money you’d normally spend on a coffee could give you an extra $71,000 in retirement. Ouch! With that in mind, it might be worthwhile ditching your daily barista coffee for a homemade one, or even exploring new age drinks like cacao, herbal tea or dandelion lattes that you make yourself and show potential on the health front, too. Who knows? It could become your new favourite hobby.

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