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7 ways to show your partner you’re responsible with money

If your partner is a wizard with finances and you’re, erm, not, it might be time to up your game and show them you can be boss, too. Here are some simple ways to get your head in the game.

It’s common for partners to have different views around money. While one might be all over every cent and planning for the future, the other might be completely clueless. And that’s okay, until it’s not okay. In our line of work we’ve seen too many couples argue over money, or worse yet, one partner be completely left out of the key decisions in their life while the other partner takes full control. Empowering yourself when it comes to finances is key, but sometimes it’s just knowing where to start. Read on to find out how to show your partner you’re responsible with money.

1. Set common goals

The first place to start is with clear, open communication with yourself and your partner so you can both get a sense of what you’re working towards. One of the pitfalls of having only one partner manage the finances is that you end up working towards their interpretation of your future, or not working together at all. Show your partner you’re responsible with money by suggesting you sit down and determine your shared vision, before creating a budget for you both to manage and be excited about.

2. Monitor your accounts

Haven’t logged onto your internet banking for a while? It’s time to up your game. Checking into your account daily or at least three times a week is a good way for you to feel connected to your money and continue to be across everything. Check your balance, ensure there are no strange charges on your credit card and become familiar with how your money is flowing in and out of your life.

3. Schedule your bills

Prevent late fees and overdue bills by setting up direct debits for as many bills as possible, then schedule them into your calendar so you know what’s due when. Not only will you start to take control of your bills, but you’ll also be demonstrating to your partner that you’re capable of managing the finances and are also across what’s going on. In most cases, this will be a huge relief for your partner and lighten the mental load they might be experiencing around money.

4. Pay your debts

There’s a big price to pay for late fees and unpaid debits and it’s not just interest – your credit rating is affected too. In the game of financial awareness, a big red flag is a bad credit rating. It’s important to show you’re partner you’re taking responsibility for your money by paying any debts as quickly as you can. If you’re struggling to find the money, work with a financial adviser to help you create a plan or contact the National Debt Helpline for free, confidential advice.

5. Be proactive

An easy way to show your partner you’re responsible with money is to be proactive when it comes to ways to save. These means shopping around for a better deal when it comes to utilities, mortgage and even Foxtel. It’s amazing what just one phone call save you. Talk to your partner about your current bills and explain you’re willing to call around and try to save some cash – this will score you serious brownie points.

6. Make a conscious effort to cut down

All those secret little splurges you think you’re hiding from your partner aren’t really going unnoticed. In fact, they could potentially be causing more harm than good. It’s so important to be on the same page financially, especially if your partner is financially opposite to you. Have an open conversation about your spending expectations and work together to fulfill both your needs.

7. Plan for the future

While retirement might seem like a lifetime away for some of you, it’s always important to plan ahead. Show you’re partner you’re responsible with money by having a contingency fund for hard times and putting money into super. If you’re unsure of where your plan is taking you, it might be worthwhile speaking to an expert to help create a roadmap for long-term financial success.

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