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Can you really claim a tax deduction on your handbag?

Handbags, shoes, makeup and dogs are some of the more surprising deductions you can make at tax time. Find out what you may be able to claim.

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5 super tax saving strategies you may not be aware of

Check out our top tax saving strategies with your super and maximise your tax return this end of financial year.

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10 tax tips for getting extra cash this end of financial year

A few quick actions may help put some extra cash back in your pocket. Check out our 10 tax tips to take advantage of before the tax year ends on 30 June.

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FIRE extinguished: Can you still retire early in Australia?

Amid rising inflation and high household costs, is the FIRE method is viable for younger Australians? Hear from Brenton Tong, along with eight other financial experts, in this interview by Finder.

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7 ways to help your children buy a home

Here we share some of the different ways you can help your children buy a home. Work out what’s best for your situation so that you don’t risk sacrificing your own retirement goals and financial security.

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16 tips for saving on your next holiday

We know how costly holidays can be, especially with extra expenses such as insurance, eating out and excursions all loaded on top. But saving for a holiday isn’t complicated, and shouldn’t stop you from exploring the world with your family and friends.

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Superannuation insurance: 3 hidden costs you must check now

Consumers are putting more and more cash into insurance held inside their superannuation. Brenton Tong speaks to Finder about whether these policies are worthwhile.

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What is rentvesting and is it right for you?

Here we explore the pros and cons of rentvesting so you can work out if it’s the right strategy for you.

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Is it better to pay for income protection insurance inside or outside of super?

Paying for income protection insurance with your superannuation is often cheaper than buying outside of super. Brenton Tong speaks to Finder about the pros and cons of each option.

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18 money saving hacks that boost your health at the same time

Boost your bank balance and your physical health at the same time with our top money saving hacks.

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