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Hiring a cleaner: Luxury or worthwhile investment?

Sick of cleaning and carrying out other mundane household tasks, but think hiring help is a luxury you can’t afford? When properly considered, outsourcing might actually make good financial sense.

It’s a reality of modern life that a large chunk of your week is spent cleaning or fulfilling household tasks like gardening. Slotted in before the school run or stealing precious family time on the weekends, according to the latest Census data, cleaning and other household duties account for an average of 12 per cent of your week.

It’s generally women who do the heavy-lifting on the domestic front, with statistics showing women do an average of 14 hours per week of unpaid household work, while men do only five. This discrepancy can have a major impact on the quality of your health, relationships and overall outlook on life.

According to IBISWorld, one-third of all Australian household activities are now outsourced – and outsourcing is booming. Which begs the question: is outsourcing a luxury or does it may good financial sense? They say time is money, so here are three reasons it might be worth considering.

1. It can actually save you money

On the surface, hiring a cleaner or gardener could appear to be indulgent. But when properly considered, it might actually be a worthwhile investment. If you’re self-employed or get paid by the hour, calculating the opportunity cost of you spending your time cleaning versus working might end up tipping the scale in favour of outsourcing. There are only so many hours in the day, so spending your precious time on actions that get you closer to your personal and financial goals just makes sense.

2. It can save your relationship (and an expensive divorce)

Let’s not mince our words; divorce is expensive. With the huge discrepancy between women and men on the time spent cleaning, it’s only natural that resentment can start to build. Over time, this resentment can see a relationship crumble. The solution? Outsourcing it entirely. Choosing to invest time in the meaningful relationships in your life by hiring a cleaner, gardener or babysitter could mean the difference between a happy marriage or divorce, saving you tons of money on legal fees.

3. It may not be as expensive as you think

With the rise of outsourcing platforms like Airtasker, finding quick and affordable solutions for outsourcing has become even easier and cheaper. Airtasker works as an intermediary between you and people wanting to fulfill your particular task. You start by uploading your task, setting a price and deadline and then waiting for responses. People will accept your specified guidelines or negotiate their own, allowing you to choose from a pool of offers. It really is that simple.

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