What’s in the ebook

The single financial consideration that increases your chances of divorce by 33%. (And how to make sure it doesn’t happen to you.)

How to pin even more blame on his parents — and be right.

How he’s programmed (and who’s responsible)

How you’re programmed (and who’s responsible)

Why you feel scared and while he’s feeling ashamed

Why women are better at investing than men.

14 ways to talk about money without fighting.

How to raise kids who are better at this money thing than both of you.

The signals that only you can see in the media.

14 ways to talk about money without fighting.

Why you should read this guide

Arguments about money are mostly avoidable. So why let avoidable but painful disagreements lead to disaster?

We’ve got all you need to lock in a partnership that’s building to the lifestyle you both want:

  • Research-based insights that will show you why your partner thinks as he does.
  • Effective tactics for defining and reaching shared goals with the person you love.

About the author

Brenton Tong is consistently ranked as one of Sydney’s top financial planners (Adviser Ratings). He’s also married with children, so he speaks on the subject of money and relationships from personal as well as professional experience.

The advice in this guide is based on research and thousands of conversations with couples about their finances.

About Financial Spectrum

Financial Spectrum is an independently owned financial planning practice with offices in the Sydney CBD, Bondi Junction and Balmain.

Because we’re independently owned financial planners, we’re not tied to any financial “products” and we reject commissions. Our focus is on delivering genuine value to you, our clients.

Discover how to have the right conversations to start reaching goals for the future

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