What’s in the ebook

Tax considersations

Transferring cash home to Australia

Managing property overseas

Buying property in Australia

Getting the right advice

Why you should read this guide

This ebook helps expats to get financially prepared for your relocation back to Australia.

We guide you though the financial considerations requried at both ends of journey, including asset transfers, taxation and buying property in Australia. That way, you can make smart financial decisions to make the most of your money and ensure the transition is as stress-free as possible.

About the author

When it came to acquiring a lifestyle underpinned by financial security, Brenton Tong grew up in Sydney hearing, “People like us can’t do things like that.” He’s made a career out of proving that wrong for himself and for all kinds of clients who couldn’t see a way to the life they deserved, however hard they worked. He is now consistently ranked as one of Sydney’s top financial planners (Adviser Ratings).

About Financial Spectrum

Financial Spectrum is an independently owned financial planning practice with offices in the Sydney CBD, Bondi Junction and Balmain.

Because we’re independently owned financial planners, we’re not tied to any financial “products” and we reject commissions. Our focus is on delivering genuine value to you, our clients.

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