How to travel the world in luxury for free

Who doesn’t want to travel in luxury for free?  Travel provides so many wonderful opportunities and is great for overall mental health and wellbeing.  We shared 8 tips to travel cheaper here, but what if you could travel in luxury for free just for doing your groceries?

Travel hacking

Travel hacking is a term often used to describe making travel cheaper and one of the ways people do this is through points.  With so many reward programs out there matched to services we use every day it is easier than ever to accrue points to travel for free.

Credit cards

Having a credit card isn’t the only way to do it, though it does help.  You can get huge points bonuses when signing up to specific credit cards, but they often come with strict conditions. However, if you use your credit card instead of paying cash, and pay the card off with the cash you would have used, you can get points quickly. Do not go spending more than you would have spent originally and don’t go getting heaps of credit cards. Be smart about your credit cards and budget to make the most of the points.

If you’re planning on investing in property, be aware that applying for a bunch of credit cards can impact your credit score and mortgage options. So before you go applying for as many as you can, speak with a financial professional, work out the best option for you and go for the one which works within your budget and financial plan.

Reward programs

Major airlines have reward programs which have joined with supermarkets, gas and electricity suppliers, brick and mortar stores and even petrol stations. By signing up to the reward programs and linking them to other shops and services, you can rack up points quickly and redeem them for luxury travel options such as hotels, first class tickets and experiences.

Connect all services

Once you sign up to a frequent flyer or travel reward program, look through it thoroughly. Find out the stores which are connected to the specific program, for example, Woolworths Everyday Rewards is connected to Qantas Frequent Flyer and BP is connected to Virgin. Look through all the options on their website, link your bills such as gas, electricity, health insurance and anything else to the programs to get your points.

Shop smarter

Have a look at the stores your reward programs are connected to and plan your regular shopping, from groceries and filling up the car through to clothing and sports equipment, around these stores. Be mindful to check the prices to ensure they are the best price, don’t just chase points. Considering how many stores are now aligned with these programs, you might be surprised at how many points you can quickly accrue.

Once you’ve done your research, are signed up to the programs and have checked which options apply to you, it’s simply a matter of changing your habits. Make sure you have the reward cards on you or use apps to have them on your phone. Scan them everywhere you can and if you can and look out for bonus options.

Often places such as Woolworths and Coles will have bonus points on certain items.  At these times, buy those things (if you use them regularly) in bulk. Shopping smarter not only saves money, but will see you accruing points faster.

By doing these things you will be able to use your points to travel the world in luxury, for free!

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