Kiran and Nila’s lifestyle upgrade

Kiran and Nila found themselves stuck and lacking confidence in making financial decisions. Their aspiration was to upgrade from a 2-bedroom unit to a 3-bedroom house and start a family, but they couldn’t see how to get there.

Before working with Financial Spectrum we were adrift without a clear plan for our future. Financial Spectrum has transformed our finances in just 10 months. We bought a new home, sold our unit, established a budget, consolidated our super, secured insurances, and updated our wills! Their expert advice, encompassing property, mortgage, and accounting services, made it all possible.

Kiran and Nila

How Financial Spectrum helped

We worked with Kiran and Nila to set goals to guide their decision making based on their values and desired lifestyle. We then set them up with our FLOW Money Management system to optimise their cashflow and designed a 10-year debt-free plan to give them confidence in their future.

Together with our property and mortgage companies we advised on the sale and purchase of properties and our secured a competitive home loan. Then through implementing a debt recycling strategy we managed to save a further $233,000 on their mortgage. We established additional superannuation contributions saving them over $100,000 in fees. We implemented comprehensive insurance coverage, established wills and estate plans, and managed their tax affairs.

Results we achieved

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