Sam and Matt’s business success

Sam and Matt had a startup business and an investment property but felt that they could be doing better. They approached us seeking a more strategic approach to their finances to unlock their full potential.

We have achieved more than we ever thought possible, and our business is booming. Our once-modest start-up is poised to generate $8 million this year, with plans to double turnover and expand into the US market by 2025. With the support of Financial Spectrum, we’ve transformed our financial future beyond our wildest dreams.

Sam and Matt

How Financial Spectrum helped

Our partnership with Sam and Matt began with defining their future goals and creating a strategic financial plan. The FLOW Money Management system became the cornerstone of their financial journey, effortlessly boosting their savings for investment.

We diversified their investments with a share portfolio and optimised their superannuation. As their property was in a location that was facing potential long term over-supply, our property team provided advice to sell the property.  Our property and mortgage businesses then sourced and financed a new investment property. 

Together with our accounting team, we structured Sam’s startup business for success, protected their assets and reduced their overall tax burden. We freed up cash flow allowing them to buy a holiday home they now rent out part time.

Our financial planning and accounting divisions continue to provide ongoing business consulting support.

Results we achieved

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