Life Insurance

Insurance is probably one of the more frustrating things that you purchase. You pay money for something that you hope you never have to use. But if you need to make a claim, it could be the lifeline that keeps your world together. Discover the key insurance options that can shield your family and financial stability.


Total permanent disability (TPD) insurance: Preserving your finances

TPD insurance provides a lump-sum payment if you become totally or permanently disabled.  While you may not be capable of earning an income, you’re still alive and have expenses to cover.  You can tailor the plan to your needs and the coverage level required is similar to life insurance.

Trauma insurance: Navigating health challenges

Trauma insurance offers a lump-sum payout if you’re diagnosed with a critical illness like cancer, heart attack, or stroke. This financial cushion helps cover medical expenses during an stressful time. The coverage level is usually lower than TPD since you’re more likely to recover and resume earning.

Income protection insurance: Securing your livelihood

Income protection insurance ensures you receive up to 75 percent of your current monthly income if illness prevents you from working. Payments start after a waiting period and continue monthly for a predetermined period. You can choose the waiting period and benefit duration, tailoring the plan to your needs.

Business expense insurance: Safeguarding your business

For self-employed individuals, business expense insurance is invaluable. It provides revenue for your business if you’re unable to work. This coverage could be critical if you need to hire someone to manage your responsibilities while you’re unable to.

Securing your family's future with Financial Spectrum

Finding the right insurance to safeguard your family can be confusing and overwhelming. Also, each policy has a list of pre-defined medical conditions that it covers so it’s critical that you understand what you’re purchasing.  Your unique circumstances determine the insurance you need. Striking a balance between cost and coverage is crucial.

At Financial Spectrum, we take time to understand your needs and offer a comprehensive insurance analysis to identify the most suitable and cost-effective policies for your specific situation.

How we work with you

At Financial Spectrum, we assess the risks pertinent to your situation and guide you toward suitable insurance coverage. Striking the right balance between cost and benefit is our priority, making your money go as far as possible.

We understand that life insurance might seem like a significant expense with uncertain returns. However, the challenges of sickness, disability, or loss are tough enough without the added burden of financial stress. Clients who’ve faced illness have appreciated focusing on recovery, free from money worries. Those dealing with loss have found solace in avoiding financial strain on top of grief.

We operate commission-free, ensuring you get the right coverage for your specific situation that is affordable. Some insurance premiums, like income protection, are tax-deductible and others you can pay for through your super.

By entrusting risk management to experts, you’ll experience better sleep at night, knowing your family’s financial wellbeing is shielded.


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We needed direction, including making decisions about investing in Australia or Ireland, where we’re from. Financial Spectrum has the experience to help us to decide on the right thing to do. And we were able to pay for the advice from our superannuation, which made a massive difference.
Brid, Sydney
The team at Financial Spectrum are A++. I wouldn't trust anyone else.
Mark, Sydney
I had the pleasure of meeting Greg from Financial Spectrum, who impressed me with his professionalism and attentive listening skills. He provided invaluable insights into the intricate web of financial decision-making, which ultimately enabled me to purchase my first home. I'm thrilled about the prospects of my future, and I...
Elisabeth, Sydney
Brenton is genuine, honest and his professionalism, expertise and industry knowledge is second to none. He was been life-changing in carving out a positive and exciting financial plan for my husband and I in the short and long-term. We cannot rate him and his team highly enough!
Ruth, Sydney
We have been clients of Brendon for over a year now and how our lives have changed. Previously we could see no possible way we would be able to retire comfortably and be debt free, but Brendon gave us a road map to get to that point in four years....
Michael, Sydney
After talking to four financial planning firms, we engaged Greg from Financial Spectrum to help develop our first financial/ wealth planning strategy. We've found his advice to be quite strategic, realistic and on-point such that it thoroughly considers our short-term and long-term goals. I especially appreciate Greg taking our adhoc...
Nakul, Sydney


Professional and efficient service. Not all financial planners are good with people under 35 yrs old, but Financial Spectrum is.
Issa, Sydney
Our Financial Planner seems to know everyone and have a fair grasp of everything financial. Having spoken with innumerable financial advisors over the years, he is the only one that we had confidence in. As well as being an expert in his field, he is also a great guy making...
Chris, Sydney
I have been extremely happy with the service Financial Spectrum has provided. I would gladly recommend them to anyone wanting a truly talented group of financial planners on their side.
Sam, NSW
Having worked in the financial services industry myself, I sought a Financial Planner who had the analytical and problem solving creativity skills that I was in need of with a strategic and holistic approach. Given the extent of conflict of interest in the Financial Planning industry, it was a relief...
Janar, NSW
I initially spent a lot of time trying to find the right financial adviser, as the industry is completely saturated and everything I've previously was told has a specific agenda behind to it, pushed a certain product that benefited the adviser or just didn't make sense.  I found dealing with...
Blake, Central Coast
The team at Financial Spectrum are experts in a complex area: specialising in creating financial solutions for up and coming young executives. They recognise that this group have special needs, and their wealth creation strategies and tax solutions are tailored specifically to suit. They are about strategy, not just products....
Toby, Sydney

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Frequently asked questions

If you choose not to take out life insurance, your other option is to self-insure. This is simply setting aside sufficient funds to cover your expenses are unable to work or pass away. As you’re building wealth, you typically don’t have the financial backing to take care of major unexpected events that stop you from working. This is where insurance comes in. But if you have sizeable assets already, self-insurance may be an option.

If something happens to you and you don’t have insurance or substantial funds set aside, you may be forced to take drastic action to keep things going. This might include changing where you live or finding other ways to dramatically cut your costs. If you’re a business owner, it could also mean the end of your business.

It’s possible to get life insurance if you have a pre-existing condition, but an exclusion may apply, or you will pay more. A financial adviser can source the right policy on your behalf and take you thought the different considerations of each option.

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We’re so confident about creating value for you quickly, that we guarantee it with a 100% money-back guarantee.

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