Share Investing

Investing in the share market is one of the most common ways Australians build wealth outside of superannuation.


What is share investing?

Share investing, also known as stock investing, is the process of buying ownership shares in publicly listed companies through a stock exchange.

When you purchase shares, you become a partial owner of the company and are entitled to a portion of its profits in the form of dividends. The value of your shares can fluctuate based on various factors, including the company’s performance, industry trends, and overall market conditions.

How do I invest in shares?

Investing in shares can be a daunting task, as it involves selecting the right shares for your portfolio based on factors like perceived value, long-term growth, or income stream. One option is to own shares individually, but you can also opt for a managed fund where your money is pooled with other investors, and decisions are made by professionals.

Choosing from numerous managed funds can be overwhelming, but a Financial Spectrum can help you build a simple, diversified portfolio.

How do I know if investing in the sharemarket is right for me?

When considering share investing, it is crucial to assess your individual circumstances and align it with a long-term investment and wealth creation strategy. Evaluating your goals, risk tolerance, and investment horizon is essential to make informed decisions. Shares are a volatile asset class, so if you have short-term financial needs, like buying a home in the next five years, investing in shares may not be suitable.

It’s important to avoid the hype, media or other people’s opinions at barbeques and work out if share investing is the right investment strategy for you.   A Financial Spectrum financial planner can analyse the structural, borrowing, taxation, and cash flow aspects of share investing to guide you on whether share investing is appropriate for your unique situation.

Let Financial Spectrum help with share investing

Investing in the share market should always form part of a long-term investment and wealth creation strategy. As with all investments, you should consider your lifestyle goals and what you’re trying to achieve from the investment.  At Financial Spectrum, we’ll help you do just that and create a diversified investment strategy to grow your wealth and make your goals a reality.

Perhaps most importantly, we’re privately owned and don’t accept commissions so we’re not obliged to sell certain products. This means we can offer you a full suite of investment opportunities and objective unbiased advice.

How we work with you

Investing in the share market doesn’t have to be complex. At Financial Spectrum, we make share investing a simple and effective process. Our transparent and proactive approach is designed to educate and empower you, ensuring that you stay confident and in control even during market fluctuations.

We demystify the complexities of share investing, enabling you to make informed decisions and achieve your financial goals with ease. With our guidance, you can navigate the share market with confidence and maximise your investment potential.


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We cannot thank you enough for your fantastic investment advice. We could not have imagined four years ago that our $40,000 investment would now be worth $250,000. Thank you to our financial planner!
Sid and Melanie, NSW
Professional and efficient service. Not all financial planners are good with people under 35 yrs old, but Financial Spectrum is.
Issa, Sydney
We needed direction, including making decisions about investing in Australia or Ireland, where we’re from. Financial Spectrum has the experience to help us to decide on the right thing to do. And we were able to pay for the advice from our superannuation, which made a massive difference.
Brid, Sydney
Brenton, Julie, Thomas and his team of experts have been my advisors for 3 years through both the growth of my business and how that relates to my personal financial position. I cannot recommend them enough. Brenton is a great listener and very creative thinker and has a way of...
Leigh, Sydney
We've been using Financial Spectrum for a few years after they were recommended by a friend in the finance industry. Brenton, Thomas, Alan and the rest of the team are very thorough, efficient, knowledgeable, ethical, genuine and lovely to deal with. All parts of our financial lives are sorted from...
Sarah and Chris, Sydney
Brenton is a smart, savvy and friendly advisor who has worked closely with me to understand my financial drivers and aspirations, and to create a whole new financial trajectory for my future during the past three years.
Alison, Sydney


The team at Financial Spectrum are A++. I wouldn't trust anyone else.
Mark, Sydney
Brenton Tong from Financial Spectrum is one of the most passionate of financial planners I have met through my accounting network. Brenton’s knowledge on markets, property, superannuation and the world economy is amazing which gives me the greatest confidence in referring my client to Brenton for wealth creation strategy and...
Rozalin, Sydney
We have been working with Spectrum Financials for a number of years. As a young couple thinking about marriage and starting a family were wanting some guidance for long term planning. After researching a number of financial advisors we decided to go with Brenton and his team due to their...
Duncan and Rebecca, Sydney
I can already see why you and your colleagues at Financial Spectrum have the customer reviews you do, and I imagine it only gets more impressive from here on out.
Heidi, Sydney
I was referred to Financial Spectrum by my long term accountant. We knew that we needed to get strategic help and to put some structure to our finances. Financial Spectrum collaborated with us to develop well-defined goals and a financial strategy to match. The Financial Spectrum team is extremely knowledgeable,...
Richard, Sydney
I have really enjoyed working with Brenton and the Financial Spectrum team. Meeting with Brenton has provided us with value that spans well beyond just purchasing an insurance product. He has provided fantastic guidance in our wealth building journey and has been a great contribution to both my partner and...
Nicole, Sydney

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Frequently asked questions

It is possible to buy shares with as little as $100!  However as a rule of thumb, it’s best to wait until you have about $2,000 before starting to invest in the sharemarket.  When you buy or sell shares, you will have to pay a brokerage fee, in addition to the amount of money you spend on the shares themselves. This means the less you invest, the higher the costs will be as a percentage of your total investment and investing small amounts may not be worthwhile.

To safeguard your investments in the share market, diversification is key. By building a well-diversified portfolio across different industry sectors, you can leverage the strengths of various companies and mitigate risks associated with individual sectors. A simple way to diversify is investing in managed funds, where professionals handle a range of assets on your behalf, provides a simple and effective way to further diversify and reduce risk in your portfolio.

Investing in the share market and property are common ways to build wealth outside of superannuation, and the choice between the two is often debated. However, there are misconceptions to address. Property is not always the safest investment, and the stock market is not like a casino. The best choice depends on your individual situation. Property requires a substantial deposit, while share investing can start with as little as $2,000 and offers liquidity. Consider factors like structural, borrowing, taxation, and cash flow aspects, as well as your investment horizon. Seeking advice from a financial planner can help you determine which option suits you best.

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