Superannuation and SMSF

Retirement may seem a long way off. But the earlier you start preparing, the greater your ability to create the lifestyle you dream of.


Getting the most out of your super

Making the most of your superannuation requires a proactive approach. It’s not just about contributing – it’s about strategically managing those contributions to maximise growth while effectively managing risks.  Given you’re already investing in super, it makes sense to make smart choices.

Getting greater control with an SMSF

If you’re seeking greater control and flexibility over your retirement investments, a Self-Managed Super Fund (SMSF) might be the perfect solution. An SMSF allows you to take charge of your superannuation, enabling you to make investment decisions that better resonate with your goals, values and risk tolerance, potentially driving higher returns.

How Financial Spectrum helps with retirement planning

At Financial Spectrum we understand that everyone’s vision of retirement and path to get there is unique and that’s why our approach is entirely personalised. Whether you’re contributing to a superannuation fund or have an SMSF, our seasoned financial advisors collaborate closely with you to gain a deep understanding of your aspirations, concerns and financial situation. With this insight, we design retirement strategies that get your super working harder for you.

How we work with you

To begin, we delve into your aspirations for life, including the lifestyle you desire in retirement. We of course we assess your current financial landscape, financial needs and comfort level with risk. This forms the basis to construct a tailored strategy, whether it’s a comprehensive superannuation plan or a finely tuned SMSF strategy, all designed to maximise the growth of your nest egg.

We provide comprehensive SMSF services, managing the entire process – from setting up the fund and crafting an investment strategy to navigating complex regulations. With our expertise, you can harness the power of an SMSF while minimising the legal and administrative burden.

Our financial projection tools enable you to visualise multiple scenarios for your retirement. This empowers you to make lifestyle decisions not just based on numbers, but aligned with your values, needs and goals. The outcome is an informed decision-making process that resonates with who you are and all you want out of life.


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I've talked to quite a few financial advisor's over the years, but Brenton and his team have given me the best advice, and their passion really shines through. The team's knowledge is second to none!
George, Sydney
Brenton Tong from Financial Spectrum is one of the most passionate of financial planners I have met through my accounting network. Brenton’s knowledge on markets, property, superannuation and the world economy is amazing which gives me the greatest confidence in referring my client to Brenton for wealth creation strategy and...
Rozalin, Sydney
After a lot of research I chose Brenton Tong as my financial advisor. I had interviewed a lot of planners and was really impressed by his knowledge and technical skills as well as his ethics. The support staff are very helpful. Nothing is too much trouble. A great team.
Kieran, Sydney
Really impressed with Brenton and his team. Friendly, responsive, professional service. Takes the stress out of (and adds excitement to) planning for our future.
Alex, Sydney
We have been clients of Brendon for over a year now and how our lives have changed. Previously we could see no possible way we would be able to retire comfortably and be debt free, but Brendon gave us a road map to get to that point in four years....
Michael, Sydney
We were cruising and wanted help to take charge and make some big financial decisions. Financial Spectrum took care of the boring parts to get it down to the key decisions to make. And we knew their recommendations were impartial, which was really good.
Jessica, Sydney


Our Financial Planner seems to know everyone and have a fair grasp of everything financial. Having spoken with innumerable financial advisors over the years, he is the only one that we had confidence in. As well as being an expert in his field, he is also a great guy making...
Chris, Sydney
Brenton and the team at Financial Spectrum are genuine honest and friendly financial planners if you're in need of any advice on your finances.  Do not hesitate to contact Brenton. He takes the time to ask you questions first, rather than rushing you like most other planners do!  I took...
KD, Sydney
After talking to four financial planning firms, we engaged Greg from Financial Spectrum to help develop our first financial/ wealth planning strategy. We've found his advice to be quite strategic, realistic and on-point such that it thoroughly considers our short-term and long-term goals. I especially appreciate Greg taking our adhoc...
Nakul, Sydney
Brenton is genuine, honest and his professionalism, expertise and industry knowledge is second to none. He was been life-changing in carving out a positive and exciting financial plan for my husband and I in the short and long-term. We cannot rate him and his team highly enough!
Ruth, Sydney
Brenton Tong was a huge help managing the financial aspects of our relocation to Australia. Professional honest advice from transferring money to purchasing our home.  Brenton was there to advise us through each step making this transition seamless and worry free. Thank you, Brenton, your advice was very much appreciated....
Fran and Kevin, Perth
We needed direction, including making decisions about investing in Australia or Ireland, where we’re from. Financial Spectrum has the experience to help us to decide on the right thing to do. And we were able to pay for the advice from our superannuation, which made a massive difference.
Brid, Sydney

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Frequently asked questions

Absolutely, getting your super working for you when you’re young can significantly impact your quality of life in later years. Although retirement may appear far off, starting to plan early gives you the advantage of compound interest, allowing your investments to grow over time.

The amount required to set up an SMSF can vary based on individual circumstances. However, it’s recommended you have at least $200,000 in your super balance to make an SMSF cost-effective. This amount ensures that the benefits of the SMSF outweigh the costs of setting up and operating the SMSF.

Running an SMSF can involve a lot of work.  The amount of time and effort required to manage an SMSF depends on the complexity of your investment strategy and the administration needs of your fund. It’s possible to outsource the administration of your SMSF to a financial advisor who specialises in SMSF services to reduce the burden on you personally.  A good financial advisor will take care of everything from setting up the fund to optimising investments and managing compliance requirements.

The amount of money needed for retirement varies widely depending on your desired lifestyle, retirement goals, age, income and assets. Our financial advisors can help you create a personalised retirement plan by assessing your current situation and future goals. With careful analysis, we can determine a realistic investment strategy to help you get all you want out of your retirement.

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