Transition To Retirement

Crafting the retirement lifestyle, you’ve earned demands thoughtful preparation. Many people are unaware that upon reaching the required preservation age they can access a portion of their superannuation without having to leave their employment via a tailored Transition to Retirement strategy (TTR).


Navigating the path to retirement

A TTR strategy allows you to enjoy flexible working while simultaneously boosting your superannuation. The approach ensures your income remains steady, all the while capitalising on potential tax advantages.

TTR eligibility

Individuals who have reached their preservation age (which is currently between 55 and 60, depending on the birth year) and are still working can consider a TTR strategy. It’s essential to meet preservation age criteria and have an accumulation superannuation account.

TTR benefits

In addition to being able to reduce your working hours while maintaining a steady income, a TTR strategy can have significant tax advantages as it can allow you to be taxed at a lower marginal rate.


A strategy many adopt is to receive part of their income at a lower tax rate, while salary sacrificing part of their income to their superannuation fund. The salary sacrificed contribution is invested in pre-tax or gross dollars, while the only tax payable is contributions tax, currently 15 per cent paid by the super fund.

Let Financial Spectrum design your TTR strategy

A TTR strategy that works for one person might not work for another. Seeking professional advice is crucial to making informed decisions about your retirement strategy. At Financial Spectrum, we can help tailor your TTR strategy to your individual circumstances, ensuring it aligns with your retirement goals and complies with all regulations.

How we work with you

At Financial Spectrum we take the time to get to know you and assess your financial goals, risk tolerance, income needs, and retirement aspirations.

We’ll map out a strategy to maximise your super, consider more conservative investment strategies to reduce portfolio losses and use modelling to anticipate your capacity to live your best life through retirement. Importantly, our commitment doesn’t stop there. As your needs evolve over time, we continually monitor and refine your TTR strategy to ensure it remains optimised for your changing circumstances.


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We've been using Financial Spectrum for a few years after they were recommended by a friend in the finance industry. Brenton, Thomas, Alan and the rest of the team are very thorough, efficient, knowledgeable, ethical, genuine and lovely to deal with. All parts of our financial lives are sorted from...
Sarah and Chris, Sydney
Our Financial Planner seems to know everyone and have a fair grasp of everything financial. Having spoken with innumerable financial advisors over the years, he is the only one that we had confidence in. As well as being an expert in his field, he is also a great guy making...
Chris, Sydney
We were cruising and wanted help to take charge and make some big financial decisions. Financial Spectrum took care of the boring parts to get it down to the key decisions to make. And we knew their recommendations were impartial, which was really good.
Jessica, Sydney
Financial Spectrum never tried to sell me something. They asked me the right questions; they listened; and they’ve educated me. Now they’re where I send my friends and colleagues who need financial advice they can trust.
Emma, Sydney
We have been clients of Brendon for over a year now and how our lives have changed. Previously we could see no possible way we would be able to retire comfortably and be debt free, but Brendon gave us a road map to get to that point in four years....
Michael, Sydney
Brenton, Julie, Thomas and his team of experts have been my advisors for 3 years through both the growth of my business and how that relates to my personal financial position. I cannot recommend them enough. Brenton is a great listener and very creative thinker and has a way of...
Leigh, Sydney


The team at Financial Spectrum have been a huge help to my wife and I. Our planner has given really helpful advice including the development of a SMSF. We feel like he has taken considerable time to understand our unusual circumstances and has tailored to them. We feel understood, significantly...
Chris and Kerry, Sydney
Brenton is a smart, savvy and friendly advisor who has worked closely with me to understand my financial drivers and aspirations, and to create a whole new financial trajectory for my future during the past three years.
Alison, Sydney
We were referred to a financial planner at Financial Spectrum by a friend of ours. We are so glad that we contacted them. We can honestly say that booking that first appointment was a turning point in our lives.
Patrick and Louise, Sydney
Greg Suefong has turned my life around. I'd been searching for someone like Greg for a while and had spoken to various professionals, but all were disappointing. However, from the first consultation I knew Greg was "the one" and I signed up straight away without hesitation. He understood my unique...
Michelle, Sydney
Greg, is an absolute legend!!!  Thanks for your assistance and expertise, I talked to numerous SMSF refinance experts who all found my situation too hard and complex to deal with. Greg provided the best unbiased advice resulting in settlement this week. Will definitely stay in touch, highly recommend Greg's services.
John, Sydney
The team at Financial Spectrum are experts in a complex area: specialising in creating financial solutions for up and coming young executives. They recognise that this group have special needs, and their wealth creation strategies and tax solutions are tailored specifically to suit. They are about strategy, not just products....
Toby, Sydney

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Frequently asked questions

The amount you can withdraw through a TTR strategy is subject to a minimum and maximum limit. The minimum withdrawal amount is a percentage of your account balance, and the maximum is 10% of the account balance at the start of the financial year.

The funds withdrawn from a TTR strategy can be used for any legal purpose, just like your regular income. However, it’s recommended to use these funds to supplement your reduced work income or to make additional contributions to your superannuation to maximise your retirement savings.

Similar to all financial strategies, Transition to Retirement (TTR) strategies come with certain risks. Firstly, drawing funds earlier than usual might have implications for your overall retirement savings.  Alterations in tax or superannuation regulations could also affect how your strategy works.  Also, if your superannuation funds are invested, changes in the market can influence the balance of your account.

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