Arzi is one of our dedicated client service specialists, committed to guiding clients through their financial journeys with exceptional care.

She plays a pivotal role in onboarding new clients, liaising with financial services providers on their behalf, and ensuring the seamless implementation of financial advice.

Arzi takes great pride in building trust with clients by patiently addressing their concerns and providing ongoing support. She finds fulfillment in the meaningful relationships she fosters, knowing she is a trusted partner in their financial journeys.

Arzi holds a Bachelor of Secondary Education with a major in Mathematics and is currently pursuing her Master’s degree in Mathematics Education. Before joining our team, she gained valuable experience at US-based Telco companies.

Outside of work, Arzi is an avid outdoor enthusiast who enjoys trekking, hiking, and participating in fun runs. Her passion for adventure often leads her to explore mountains and beaches, combining her love for outdoor sports and travel.


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