Espee’s role at Financial Spectrum is to ensure that the company adheres to all relevant financial laws, regulations, and industry standards. This includes assisting and collaborating with senior management in regular reviews of policies and regulatory compliance, policy development and implementation, conducting risk assessments, and document review. She also assists management in promoting a culture of compliance through employee training and awareness initiatives and facilitating communication within the organisation and with external parties during audits.

Espee studied her Juris Doctor and Master of International Law at University of Sydney. She also holds a Bachelor of Philosophy from De La Salle University. Her background spans legal, auditing and finance divisions within the property and legal industries.

Outside of work, Espee enjoys camping, hiking, beaches and being outdoors. She keeps fit with gym, aerial acrobatics and marathon training. She also has a keen interest in woodworking, aviation and true crime documentaries, but friends and family always come first.


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