Success Stories

Just Need to Get Organised

Sam and Jenny , both in their late 20s, arrived at our offices not really knowing what a financial planner did let alone why they may need one but all their friends seemed to use one so they asked for a referral. From not knowing how we could help in a six month period we were able to assist Sam and Jenny in:

  • Establishing a savings habit
  • Buying their first home
  • Setting up a plan to pay this home off quickly
  • Consolidating their superannuation
  • Reviewing their life insurance needs
  • Leasing a new car.

The Empty Nesters

Alison and Jeremy wondered if they were ever going to be able to retire – the kids never seemed to show that they were ever going to leave home. We were able to help them in a 12 month period to:

  • Finance and build their dream home
  • Maximise their superannuation
  • Help their kids start to save and eventually buy their own homes
  • Set up a non-superannuation investment portfolio to complement their retirement income
  • Sell their family home
  • Think about what retirement will be like.

Generation X

Amelia is 37, single and works for an international software company as a sales director.   Over the past few years she has managed to save $45,000 into her savings account.  Despite the fact that she has a high income, she never feels that she has quite enough to do all the things that she wants to do as well as save for the future. Amelia is worried that she isn’t contributing enough to her financial future. We helped Amelia:

  • Prioritise lifestyle and financial aspirations
  • Increase her savings
  • Buy her first property
  • Start a share portfolio
  • Set and work towards financial goals for the future.


At Financial Spectrum we build long term partnerships with our clients, and help them to achieve their financial and lifestyle aspirations. To follow is some feedback from some long-term Financial Spectrum clients:

I was referred to Financial Spectrum by my long term accountant.  We knew that we needed to get strategic help and to put some structure to our finances. Financial Spectrum collaborated with us to develop well-defined goals and a financial strategy to match. The Financial Spectrum team is extremely knowledgeable, responsive and proactive, when it comes to all things financial.  My wife and I believe over the next ten years we will be able build our wealth to a level which will enable us to retire comfortably.  We are confident that the team at Financial Spectrum will work with us to achieve our long term financial goals.

- Richard, Sydney NSW

The team at Financial Spectrum are experts in a complex area: specialising in creating financial solutions for up and coming young executives. They recognise that this group have special needs, and their wealth creation strategies and tax solutions are tailored specifically to suit. They are about strategy, not just products. My experience with them has always been positive—and it’s easy to recommend them to young executives as they thoroughly understand the unique and demanding challenges they face.

- Toby, Sydney NSW

Our Financial Planner seems to know everyone and have a fair grasp of everything financial. Having spoken with innumerable financial advisors over the years, he is the only one that we had confidence in. As well as being an expert in his field, he is also a great guy making dealing with him both productive and enjoyable.

- Chris, Sydney NSW

We first met Financial Spectrum last year when my husband was recovering from a surgery and we were not sure if he would even get his job back. Our financial planner used his amazing knowledge and skills to help us plan our future and to date I should say, he and his team have never failed to help us, giving us advice, strategies on investing and SMSF. He has always been there for us whenever we needed his advice organizing face to face meetings, quickly responding to our phone calls & emails, sometimes even at 2am. He has thorough knowledge and up to date with the current market. I would definitely recommend Financial Spectrum to anyone in need of any Financial Advice. We would rate him 10/10.

- Shane & Suzette,  Sydney NSW

The team at Financial Spectrum have been a huge help to my wife and I. Our planner has given really helpful advice including the development of a SMSF. We feel like he has taken considerable time to understand our unusual circumstances and has tailored to them. We feel understood, significantly helped and generously cared for. His advice has been very helpful to our marriage because we are not left on our own speculating about the future.

- Chris & Kerry, Chatswood NSW

After choosing Financial Spectrum as my financial adviser I have a better understanding of my financial situation. Their expertise and industry knowledge have equipped me to develop clear goals and a step-by-step plan to achieve them. It was daunting with the complexities of my trust and company structure, but Financial Spectrum's approach has made it simple and easy to digest. They are consistently professional whilst remaining approachable and personable day in and day out.

- Jake CunninghamNSW

Having worked in the financial services industry myself, I sought a Financial Planner who had the analytical and problem solving creativity skills that I was in need of with a strategic and holistic approach. Given the extent of conflict of interest in the Financial Planning industry, it was a relief to have found Financial Spectrum who I can confidently say look after my needs ahead of their own. Having worked with them since 2003, Financial Spectrum have become my go-to people with regards to advice and analytics. Nothing is too much to ask, and I find their approach refreshing, creative and reassuring. I’d highly recommend the team at Financial Spectrum for Financial Planning if you’re searching for a team to trust with your future.

- Janar Weerasingam, NSW

We were referred to a financial planner at Financial Spectrum by a friend of ours. We are so glad that we contacted them. We can honestly say that booking that first appointment was a turning point in our lives.

- Patrick & LouiseNSW

I have been extremely happy with the service Financial Spectrum has provided. I would gladly recommend them to anyone wanting a truly talented group of financial planners on their side.

- SamNSW

We cannot thank you enough for your fantastic investment advice.  We could not have imagined four years ago that our $40,000 investment would now be worth $250,000.  Thank you to our financial planner!

- Sid & Melanie, NSW


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