Greg Suefong has turned my life around. I’d been searching for someone like Greg for a while and had spoken to various professionals, but all were disappointing. However, from the first consultation I knew Greg was “the one” and I signed up straight away without hesitation. He understood my unique situation and needs, and was able to provide a big picture vision for the near and distant future. He identified and rectified a problem with my tax situation and paid for himself with that single action. He showed me how I was limiting my future growth potential, and modelled various alternative futures and showed me how I could achieve them. Based on his advice, I have made decisions that have set up my future to an exponentially greater potential than I would have achieved without him. We are still working together and he continues to add value to my financial position.  I also recommend Greg for the following reasons – he is generous with his time and attention, he recommends quality third parties to work with whilst remaining genuinely independent, and he is down to earth, fun and has a great sense of humour. I never thought I would have so many laughs whilst receiving financial advice. Thanks Greg! I look forward to many years of creative financial Growth with you.